50to01 - Content and Deliverance Book with Enclosed DVD and Sticker Sheet

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We are so chuffed to have pulled of our first bit of print to accompany our film, Content and Deliverance. 

Book comes with DVD of C+D enclosed in the cover alongside a limited edition sticker sheet. 

Top quality print with 170 pages filled by us, 50to01.

Independently funded with no adverts.

Content and Deliverance has been a creative journey in many ways. We wanted to engage all our recent learnings into one project and we are so proud of this book. 

We hope it makes you smile and encourages you to go out and create something yourself.

Book Design by Ralph Cofano

With photo contributions from: Josh Lewis, Max Nerurkar, Dan Paley, Craig Evans, Jim Topliss, Josh Bryceland, Rob Campbell, Kieran Cooper.