50to01 - All day MTB pants V2

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Stoked to bring you V2 of our well received ride wear, V1 one got our foot in the door... V2's coming through the door head first.

Our all day pants are back in black all tweaked up. 

Designed to feel good on the bike

Durable material which has good breathable properties and will let you get your leg to your head, if you can get it that high.

New triple reinforced seam in the crotch.

Ratchet clasp with flexible adjustment strip.

Knee pad allowance around the knees, designed around an on bike riding position. 

Thick quality prints.

Now available in XXL.

Comes with sticker strip.

2 durable zipped pockets with good depth pockets.

80% nylon 20% elastine

This Gear is designed and built for long days in the woods with your bicycle.