Smith X 50to01

Our goggle with Smith is out now.

When Smith first mentioned about doing a collab goggle it was almost too good to be true, it's been hard to contain the excitement along the way - we started from scratch as a brand so to see our name next to Smith on a product of theirs now really is something we never expected to have become a reality.

Thanks to Jon and everyone else at Smith involved with this project, we can't thank you enough for being willing to make this happen. This is the start of a few new exciting release's of ours so we would like to take this opportunity to reach out with thanks to everyone who continually supports us and helps us grow as a brand, we want to keep doing our best at trying to bring you the highest quality shit we can do.

The goggles are available now directly from Smith or at your local Smith retailer.

Hit the link below.

Big love. 50to01


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