Edits that juiced me up as a yoot

this yoot getting noztalgic

alright so i'm sat here locked in morocco, feelin nostalgic as fu'k and wanting to share some edits that used to get me hyped as a teenager. we didnt have the constant feed of footage like we do now so i feel like we used to savour and re visit so much, watch it over and over. anyways, chances are you already knew about these edits, but if not... enjoy. big love... loose

The allout trailers used to get me so buzzed up: the riding, editing, music and the way it all mixed together would speak to me and make me wanna ride and have fun whilst doing it.

Any JD Swanguen footage is a blessin.

I used to watch this one a lot for a few reasons. The first was the quick skid 3 slider thing that kirt (i think kirt) does, its a real quick flash but it used to fire me up every time. The next thing was the editin, when it ask's who is insane? Us? then flashes through a load of sick action to then say or them? and show traffic ridden cities and ronald mcdonald. Sick bit of editing. I also buzzed off this one cos rat was in it with rennie i think this was rats first appearance in a kranked or deffo section.

Fundamentals was the work of a genius, i had this and earthed 5 on rotation on my ps2 slimline which would be watched every night before school. One bit i used to love was the cutties part, and another stand out one was Bryn Atkinson when hes on about the corner and he says you can just really go nuts with it. it was so sick having such an informative edit with your favourite riders and in the rankin style.

another one from allout for all the same reasons really, tune with edit goes insanely good. the cadillac and the shoota match up is muy bien.

banger mixed up of home footage and racing. tunes on point too, collie buddz - blind to you in the full film was a stand out riddim. Felt close to home too, loads of uk guys you would see at the races in it... rat and sambos joint section with gazzy b was sick.

this was the year i got into biking and my first mtb film that i had requested as a present for christmas or bday cant remember. This was basically my bible, i read from it most nights. To call alex a friend now and have filmed with him on trips makes me really happy. sam hill in this film is outrageous, the drifts he links up is poetry.

another rankin creation but into his story telling mode here which he does so well. I tried to get hold of everything peaty was in whether it was a magazine or a film, steves like a family member to me as i grew up being his neighbour - i feel very lucky to have had a roll model and an idol as a neighbour, i got to meet so many good people through peaty. big love sevva

this was a sick year of racing, especially with steve winning world champs, and the film just like uprising had home sections mixed with sick race footage.

Anythin clay does is straight UHHHHHH, i got to meet clay through peaty when i was young and since then clays presence is always accompanied with a smile on my head. man knows how to make a film.


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