Wheel Love - A film by 50to01 (Trailer #1)

Something we have wanted to do for a while, more info inside.

We've been quiet on the content lately, and with good reason. A full feature film is something we have wanted to do for a long time but has always seemed like a large feat to pull off... there is no doubt that it is!

After the busy season we had travelling around the world this year, trying to pump content where ever we ended up. It felt right to have a break from the usual fast turn around of edits and see if this thing could get done. 

Once it got decided that we were actually doing this, shit got going... Quick. Firstly MASSIVE shouts go out to Max Nerurkar, a creative character and friend close to us all has teamed up with Loose on the editing to help bring this film alive. It's a learning curve for us both and every minute of the journey has been loved and special.

The determination behind the whole project is the simple fact that we just want to do this, there are no expectations for the finished product. All the riders involved have their own styles and ideas, build plans, tricks etc - to see it all together is simply all that matters. The companionship that has been experience so far is such a joy, all helping shift dirt and provide stoke to break the nerves and get shit done. For us what it is all about. 

So enough of the rambling on, find below our first of two trailers. We will be premiering the film in Santa Cruz USA and Sheffield UK in December. Film is out first week of January. Available for free on our youtube. Hope you enjoy. #WheelLove