Welcome To The New 50to01.com

So excited for the times ahead :)

Welcome to the new 50to01.com ... An exciting new stage for us, what started as some rough riding edits and even rougher hand tie died t shirts has slowly grown into this beast it is today. What has been so rad and motivating is travelling to different corners of the planet, meeting people of different ages and different cultures, regardless of languages spoke we have all shared the same love and passion that is riding bikes. We want to thank every single person who's made the effort to support what we are doing - be it sporting a sticker on your helmet or wearing a t shirt, sharing a video or just coming and saying hello in person. This new site is an attempt at a fresh and exciting new place to come and enjoy some online content.

No elitist mindset, no paid reviews or in your face advertising... expect articles and write ups from some of the most creative people we've got in our sport with no restrictions or forced guidelines. Thanks to Sam Mcqueen for building the site.

Let's see how it goes, keep coming back and let us know if you're getting bored. So stoked... Loose

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