Weekend Watch List

Some edits to get you hyped for the weekend!!

First up, if you are into dirt jumps this is going to get you going!!! Credence with "feel my chest muscles i'm a trail builder" - a full feature film that i first saw on DVD, so hyped to see it on s and m's youtube.

Next up is the 5th "atlantic drift" - this ones focussing on hippy hops, a move where you jump from the board as it goes under something... meet back up on the other side. There are some daft ones in this, one goes through a phone box and over a donkey!!! love the editing in these, brings a lot of inspiration for future projects.

Last up is Rich Forne's welcome to federal edit, only just discovered this dude. Rich is a sick rider and also creates some beautiful edits, me and max decided to do some research after watching rich's edit of dan lacey recently ( 'believe' and 'beyond'...go check that too) he has such a wicked style, riding and editing. so sick. love the last minute and half of this edit, bravo!!!!