The Teague Brothers - Spotlight Video

Seeing two brothers push each other in a session is a special thing, especially when they're as stylish as the Teague's. Rat and Loose got the cameras out to share.

The first time I noticed Jay was on a dimmo FM winter outing with Tim Walker. Out of nowhere i seen him go round this greasy right hand rut lay over almost flat, comes out the other side lit, quick pedal stroke and hops straight into a mudhole... Tommy had said keep an eye on him but i wasn’t expecting him to be quite so wild. Jay is a super quiet lad but he lets his riding do the talking 100%. From a mix background of 20” and Moto trials, the marriage of those skills has worked wonders for boosting with precision and explains the mad balance that makes him look so locked into lines. 

Neither me or loose had ever met his brother mike when we made the trip down to Kinver so we were in for a treat, it didn’t take long to realise they are both cut from the same cloth. Sick! 

It was like a boost off, who could land on the highest widest inch of every landing, so fun to watch, no warm ups though... straight in on all the big lines full chat. Jay dropped his mech like 2nd or 3rd clipin, going long and sideways on a step down but it didn’t bother him in the slightest. He nipped to his car, put a new spoke in, took chain and mangled mech off and cracked on. 

We had a high energy few hours, it only felt right to jump on the bikes and have a little play with them on some stuff, the dirt there was way too juicy to just watch. Jay and Mike threw down the whole time, a few lines at the end had been scraped out fresh for the day, a mega steppy ridge drop on, looked like a handful with a chain never mind no back up crank to get out the shit. Jay just flowed in carrying plenty and made it look chill, as did mike, so they both went up and hit it even faster. yes boys, mad love!!!!