The New Nomad Gets A Radical Review

The new Nomad has arrived, here's some words from Kevin Radical

Kevin Radicals Nomad Review

.....thirty years ago i was rollin' round on a chrome mongoose bmx which was sick!
this got upgraded to a 26" carerra krakatoa in '86 which was also sik and huge! (me 1st mountain bike) ....this opened up a whole new labyrinth of adventures > 1 was jacobs ladder in the peaking district!
during Easter 17' i hooked up with the RATBOY for a ride and was introduced to the new nomad 29er (*editors note ... 27.5er) in TAN! ....holy sssssssschmoley! ....wotta weapon so lively! so responsive! so everything!

....we met early doors set the bike up with a little help from 18 bikes glugged a pre-ride glenmorangie and got pedallin' hit Ladder went along the ridge and then hit some descents! this bike buzzed with KINGEEEY COMPONENTS and made my mind sing "take it to the limit 1 more time" by the EAGLES.... Loosin' control on tracks i have loved for decades and 1st rode ridgid on the carerra >>> to let it rip on the NOMAD was a totally BOSS feelin' SPEED >>> SOLID SPEED felt like u were ringin' the nek of a 2 fiddy but it was pure pedal power! ...the bike was so good to me until a moment of RUTS when the NOMAD said see ya and gave a big buck i had chance to think "this is gonna hurt"     ....hahaha! the fox shock replied with a bounce and rider stayed on with choons from reverend and the makers "if ur not livin' on the edge u take up to much room!" swirlin' thru my smiling swede!

....wotta BIKE! .....wotta RIDE!
Later that day THE EAGLES entered me eardrums with some more unforgettable lyrics "half the distance takes you twice as long"  BULLSHIT! ....not wen it comes to this push iron! EPIC day and all finished off with a slice of british pie and some thorntons chocolates @ spokes bike shop!
i heart ridin tan NOMADS! 
they r so HASHTAG dessertcamo i could ride a paris dakaar on 1!
thnX f' readin