Spotlight - The Buxton Bandits Video

There's something in the water...

The riding scene in Buxton has produced some real talent since i have been aware of it the last 3/4 years. They are a wild breed of human, untamed and rarely scared. 

Conan the cowboy and the Sugden brothers were on form this friday afternoon when myself Craig Evans and Sy Malone rocked up to the trails. Three styles from every end of the spectrum were feeding off each other and throwing down hard. I hadn’t ridden these trails for over a year and the sunny spring months had clearly led to some serious progression. 

A quirky set of trails to say the least, with the longest gap and steepest lip being the first jump of the line, leading to a weaving set of medium size techery round the edges of a small woodland at the bottom of solomans temple. The third hit is a right hip with three different take-off options, this for some bizarre reason is Conads trick jump of choice. Besides getting some outrageous inverts but still with classic table style, all sorts was getting thrown here. 

Big sug on the energy of his little bro 270’ing went for the over 3 and pulled it with trials style.this man has the skills, watching him on any of his bikes get the balance point on front or back wheel super easy always turns me green.  Tucked up spinning and rode out clean as a whistle. His little bro not so much trials influence in his riding, gets the pop and smooth whip action dropping seat grabs super chill left right and centre. Also with threes on lock and the occasional flip, kids got it going on.

Conan the cowboy comes from a hard family, ya wouldn’t know it he’s soft. the boys soft aS A pettle, but lets his aggression come out through his whips. he throws the dam thing so hard you think he’s gonna 180 but the fiesty little denim’d up fuck hangs on just as hard as he throws it to click some of the craziest looking whips I’ve seen. the whole situation is exciting. especially his nacs, they look like a kick off a wild stallion he has once tamed. 

Then theres nige, fresh out the army, permanently available by bluetooth. not really sure on his riding background but he gets well stuck in. the short run up out of the 180 berm means its full sprint all the way to the first lip which can be daunting if your not fully committed. this didn’t phase our nige he was flashing blue all the way in, always greasing them just chipping away. good lad 7 2 echo. 

Words and edit by Rat

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