Some of Looses old set ups - Throwback

4 of my bikes that stand out over the years.

Thanks to Peaty, i have been riding Santa Cruz's since 2009. Me and Billy Matthews were his two first riders on the Steve Peat Syndicate... so i'll start with the first bike peaty helped me get. A red Aluminium v10. I did 2 race seasons on this beast... by the end she was hanging. I remember the boxxers would top out so fuckin hard. It had odd cranks due to stripping the thread at a race in Caersws, Billys dad and I bodged the pedal to stay on with zip ties, it meant i couldnt pedal but i was getting down the hill somehow hahaha!!! It also had odd brake levers as i had a habit of laying my bike down in corners and bending or snapping levers, so i had a code and an elixr with odd calipers too... i was like some mad scientist making hyrbid brakes but they worked mint. I was also hyped on the red rims, at the time the Syndicate were on the same and i would sometimes be lucky enough to get handed down rims, they were so soft and would dint really easily... i would spend the monday after races bending the dints back out with an adjustable haha!!! good times on this bike, when i think back... we deffo got through some situations together. 

Next up is a little more recent but just as important. This was my bronson from 2014, the year i decided to start committing to enduro. I scored 5th overall in the national series, which i was proud of as we had so many fast guys racing UK enduros that year ( Dan Ath, Neil Donoghue, Mark Scott, The Shucksmiths, The Raffertys, Flanagans etc.) The size of the block now looks crazy!!! cant imagine pedalling that around an EWS. This bike was quick, to my memory i probably rode quickest on this bike... a combination of having a NFG attitude and confidence... It helped and didnt, id have a crash or a mechanical most races but still did well. At the EWS in Scotland that year i was well inside the top 30 after day one to my surprise, 3 corners in to day 2 i blew a corner out and also blew my knee out i was in so much agony. Someone gave me a real strong pain killer and i somehow finished the day with a 37th. Again, i went through some shit on this bike haha!!!

Bike #3 is the legendary Blur XC - If i had a picture of my Blur 4x that would be here instead... but i dont. This bike was rad though, it was so light. I had Burgtec offset bushings in so it was slack and yet so reactive because it was an xc bike. i would go rip laps of the trail centres with a slick rear tyre on, then go ride downhill tracks with the same set up haha. I had this theory that there was no grip anyway during our winters so i may aswell just control zero grip than try search for it with knobbles (or was too skint to buy new tyres) This was rats old bike, hed gone hard on it too. Back Then it was "edge rims" which are now Enve, I took the front off this and ran it on my Downhill bike haha, hence the odd wheels. 

Finally. this beauty. I proper loved this bike, i raced literally every weekend with my friend Tom Kelly. We didnt care where the race was, we were doing it. Top of scotland or down south wales, all we cared about was racing so thats all we did... cant thank tom enough for helping me back in the day travelling to races. Again it had the steeze dint rims which i loved. I also did my first euro trip on this bike, bombing round the alps faster than i had ever been. I remember coming home to a regional race coincidentally at caersws again (there were lots of races at caersws) and not giving a fuck, just letting go of the brakes and feeling mad confident, i had been experimenting with clips but were back on the flats at this race. This was probably one of the only races i did where i knew i would probably win, not in a big headed way i just felt fast and knew what to do... this streak didnt last long hahaha!! good bloody times. 

Thanks for reading... not sure if anyone actually cares haha. sat at home chilling looking through old photos and felt like writing some stuff up. Much love guys.