Scabmine - peak at a new project

Digging for a new video project

so travelling all year has left me with a burning desire to spend some time devoted to a project. With our edits, it's always a collection of footage from a road trip or a single session. This time round i want to sit on the footage and get really weird/creative - dig spots especially for clips and put some thought in with a different spin on it all. (Massive shouts to Max whos helping with everything along the way, ill be doing his editing and filming and he'll be doing mine... both very hyped to create some fun stuff.) As soon as i got back from canada a couple of weeks ago, i was able to finally get started on the first spot.

The first spot i had in mind is somewhere i scoped before i left, im wanting to handplant through the tree and then hit some other stuff up in a line... dont want to give too much away but heres some photos of progression.

obviously after all the dig hours, and seeing some serious progression with help from all the boys... it was time to send. The dirt was in no means good condition to ride... in fact it was so fuckin soft, and the run in isnt finished so it meant getting straight the peds and literally going as fast as you could to make the jump... but we wanted it, and got it...ish haha. here's some footage of first sends. Going to be working on this project all winter so keep an eye out for little tasters... so hyped big love... loose