Ryan Middleton - Style III

Brew up a cuppa, sit back and check out some of Aberdeenshire's finest trails get destroyed by Scotland’s most stylish rider.

Aberdeen. A seagull infested, grey tinged city located in the North East of Scotland; a place you wouldn’t usually associate with sunshine and dusty trails. As Billy Connelly once said “it’s always fucking freezing!”

When I invited Shredder team rider Ryan Middleton to the Granite City for a weekend of trails around the city and shire we were pleasantly treated to nothing but blue skies. Not once did we have to break out the waterproofs, even my video camera was dusted at the end of each session rather than the usual full wipe down of gloopy mud.

When I presented Ryan with some of my favourite jumps and turns around the hometown of Shredder I could see his eyes light up and a massive grin appear on his face at each of the spots. He didn’t leave a turn un-shralped and each line was hit faster than I had ever witnessed before. My favourite thing about filming with Ryan is watching him progress; somehow he always manages to bring more speed and style to each project we work on. How he manages to ride trails he’s never seen before so effortlessly is beyond me. I’m already excited to see where our next project will lead us and what Ryan will be capable of doing at more new locations.