Riding with Dan Paley - MTB/Jumps/BMX

It's so sick to see bmx riders enjoying mountain bikes, and killing it!

It's so sick to see some of BMX's top guys riding mountain bikes, and enjoying it. Guys like Dan Paley, Matt Roe and Kriss kyle for example, i started seeing each of these guys putting clips up on their insta and i was getting so buzzed. Dan lives locally to me so we hooked up for a chill sesh with Craig and P - man.

Slowly waking up i was thinking "if the session goes there, i want to spin the step up".... look at my phone, i get a text from P saying spin time. Sure enough a few sends in to the jump the spins started, the off putting part about this is the back of the landing is a rock wall so you (or your bike) dont want to land on it. I was really nevous, always first to step up craig sent one over spinning a tad, P man lands his FIRST GO, craig sends a few more... getting there, DAN LANDS ONE FIRST GO, this threw all my nerves out and i sent one... dropped a leg. Eventually we had all landed one and i couldnt help appreciate how fucking good bikes are, although we'd just met dan it felt like he'd been a mate forever. He's deffo on the same wave length when it comes to riding... a sick guy, there's many more fun sessions to come. Anyway i threw all the phone clips together below, enjoy.