Loose and Rat sign with Royal - Video inside

some changes for 2018...

Circles, synonymous with bike riding, not just gears, wheels and the pattern of our natural engines but many things in life begin and return at their roots. Most of us started out with brick and board ramps, shovelling jumps in the woods and blasting around with our mates, it’s the basics that are the most fun. 

Loosedog and Ratboy have come full circle, kicking off with, and coming back to those sessions with their mates in the woods. They need no introduction to anyone that follows this biking world and here at Royal we’re stoked to have them back in the family. 

“When the opportunity arose to bring the boys back on board, it was a no brainer, a great fit with our direction for Royal” Dave Jaquin - Global Marketing Manager | Royal Racing

As well as representing Royal the boys will take on product development roles with our designer Nick Bayliss who's been ever present at Royal since starting the brand with Steve Peat. Part of this 

process will be some limited edition runs of Royal X 50:01 collab jerseys, expect the first designs to drop in the spring.

Part of their role with Royal will be product development across the range along with some limited edition collaborations with 50:01. These jerseys will be designed and manufactured in the UK using environmentally friendly materials wherever possible and produced in limited runs.

Founded in 1999 by Steve Peat and Nick Bayliss Royal Racing has been part of the national and global mountain bike scene for almost 20 years. With this anniversary just round the corner Royal is developing with the current direction of our sport. Royal is an independently owned brand based in the UK with a US office in Valencia, California.