Fast As Fuck - Outlaws

A load of shit from a bunch of cunts.

Following a series events which took place during Crankworx 2017 which resulted in several arrests, a few pending court cases and a couple of lifetime bans from Whistler bike park, notorious Whistler based "biker gang" "the Fast As Fuck" "crew" decided it was time to see what the the province of British Columbia had to offer besides Dirt Merchant and A-line. Leaving the majority of the ageing nerd population of Whistler severely butt-hurt, we rammed all 18 of our bicycles onto the back of our beloved motorcycle "Shelly" and fucked off. Here is a collection of both moving and still images for anyone who cares. Please watch the video with the volume up high, its not half as shit if the music is there to distract you from the sub-par hungover riding clips. Enjoy.